One of my buddies that lives in a place i vacation at from time to time started up a new pest control business so i wanted to share a post to help him get the word out! With out further ado, here you go..

The arrival of warm weather means getting Outdoors for cookouts, tending to your lawn, or garden area, playing with kiddos or taking care of some chores around the house.

Springs warm weather also means and increase in pests and nesting the activities. For the most part pets like to stay outside and try to gain access to your home in search of food or water.

the lake

The main key to keeping your home pest free is to take the fight to  the outside of your house. that consists of front and back doors and also windows. The backyard is always an ideal place for pets including rodents such as cock roaches mice and fleas.  that’s why we recommend Lake Chelan Pest Control.  their Professional Services easily take care of all pest issues that you may have around your home. They will create a good spray to protect from pests entering your home or business.

Here are a few tips for you this summer:

#1 seal cracks or openings around your home

#2  clean out gutters to prevent water and other degrees from collecting

#3  don’t let tree limbs or other bushes come in contact with Jerome

#4  clear up yard debris and grass clippings which can provide us with harborage

#5  make sure no food or excessive water is next to the foundation of your home

That is all we have for today.  I hope you found this article to be helpful in preventing pest problems from occurring.  we highly recommend you contact Lake Chelan Pest Control Pros if you do not have success keeping pests out of your home.

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So here’s the scenario i had going on this weekend, wife and kids went to visit my mother in law on the other side of the state for the weekend.. That means a good weekend out on the town was in store! Friday night i texted about 8 buddies to see if they would pitch in for a limo for the night out. We all agreed so, i called up Bellevue limo for a a 6 hour limo rental. They had really great customer service and offered me a great deal.

So next was planning the club.. we decided on heading to one of our favorite spots the Cannon Bar because of a really, really cool drink they have called absinthes. It’s crazy, peep it below!

So after getting into the city we headed to the bar, the atmosphere was great and we watched some boxing fights on their big screen in the bar. It was great getting to have a few drinks with buddies and catch up on old times. I sure miss being 21 and not having a single responsibility. But i do love my wife and kids and actually started to miss them at the bar! I guess this is what getting old feels like.

Anyways my buddy we call Wild Bill had a few too many drinks and ended up getting into a fight with one of the bouncers so we tried to get him to calm down but he was thrown out for the night. Being Wild Willy he did not like that one bit and he actually through a bottle at one of the windows at the bar. Lucky for him it did not break but he still was in deep trouble as a police offer witnessed him do and tackled him to the ground. I knew this was not good at all.

The officer ended up taking him into jail for the night. After this i was ready to call it a night and i knew i’d be the one having to bail wild bill out in the morning. I paid the bill and told the bar manager this would never happen again. He rolled his eyes and said don’t come back. This is probably a good thing as i am really too old to be going out now. I had a ruff weak with my business and decided to dedicate more time to working on growing things.

So next morning i pick up Bill who is still hungover at the jailhouse. I had a long talk with him and advised him to never drink in a public place again. Who know’s if he’ll ever listen to my advice. He never has before.. Well my wife and kids should be home any min now.. I just thought i’d type up this post now while i have an extra 20 minutes on my hands.

Got a big week coming up and am meeting with 4 clients this week on improving and giving maintenance on their computers. I hope you all had a great weekend. And please for my sake stay safe if your going out drinking.. There are far too many tragedy’s that should be avoided.

Hey Guy’s, back with a post here. I’m about a week late here but i wanted to share the story of being able to have my parents new house built as a gift for raising me all these years. My parents have always been my rock and sacrificed so much for me so this is something i’ve always wanted to do to give back..

After doing some research i found a contracting company called E.D.Y. Construction i decided to go with them after checking out their custom homes on their website and was blown away! They do such a great job and i could tell they are passionate about their work. So i got ahold of them and had a house plan drawn up to review what they had come up with and again i was blown away with what they provided for me.

We decided to move forward this week on a home construction project that looks a lot like the home at 1 minute 59 seconds of this video

It’s a truly beautiful home and i cannot wait to surprise my folks with a well deserved retirement home. Just wanted to share this as a lesson to give back to the people that have supported you in your life to get to where you are now.

Cali RoadwayHey Guys, it’s been a little while.. Wanted to fill you in on what’s been happening lately.. I had a fantastic week that included me traveling down to Cali. I had a business seminar i needed to attend to sharpen my sales skills. The meeting took place in sunny San Diego so i rented out a drop top convertible for the weekend.

The fact that the weather was so nice made it extremely hard to focus on what i came for.. Business. Anyways, our speaker had a great presentation on connecting with our potential clients and discovering our value proposition. The seminar lasted 6 hours, and then i stuck around another 2 hours to do some Q&A and do some networking. It’s always nice to meet other people that share the same mindset, vision, and goals as myself.

The only issue i had the whole trip was that i accidentally chipped the windshield in the convertible i was driving for the weekend. It made me wish i could contact the guys that fixed my last window the chipped and needed repair here’s there info on their auto glass repair business website.

Next time i’ll be more careful and keep my distance when it comes to driven behind a semi truck. I could go off on those guys for the way they drive but i think i’ll spare your ears and save it for another day when i’m in a bad mood. Right now i’m to excited about where i’m going and heading in my life. Life is truly good, even when it’s not. There are so many things that you can be thankful for everyday. If we all kept this mindset we’d be in a better world.

Alright ya’ll that’s it for now stay tuned for more of my posts coming soon. I know i’ve been slacking to those waiting!

Later, Anthony



Yo, just wanted to get on here and write another post while this is fresh on my mind. So, last week i had business meeting in Bellingham. Which is a smaller city up north in Washington state towards Canada.

The business meeting agenda was to go over scaling our business up and improving our advertising campaigns. Oh, before i continue check out my about page if you don’t know anything about me yet.

Bellevue Limo Services Ok cool, so where were we.. Ah yes, the trip to Bellingham. It was a just a day trip from Seattle  to Bellingham. I planned to take 3 of my employees with me, Mike, Finn, and Andre. After hearing that Andre has never ridden in a limo. I decided to call my buddies at Bellevue Limo services. And get us a limousine for the 1+ hour trip.

It was a surprise, so all the guys were stoked and it boosted our team moral to go have a good time and most importantly learn how we can kill it with our computer services businesses. So we left about noon and planned to be home by 7:30-8:00pm.

So other than the rain, the drive up to Bellingham was great. Arriving at our meeting we got right to it and had a great training session for 3 straight hours. After our meeting we all got together to discuss what we learned and brainstormed another hour before we hit the road back home. So, we got our ride back and decided to stop to grab a bite to eat so we wouldn’t have to ride home on empty stomachs.

After eating a great pizza, we headed back fired up to grow our business like never before. On the trip back we had all decided to start reading a new book called 10x by Grant Cardone to help us with our sales skills. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Cardone so reading his book as a team, should pay off for us.

Well guys, that’s all i had to share for the time being. I hope to connect with some of you reading these posts. So contact me by email if you have any questions regarding how the business meeting went. Hope to post again soon.

I’ll see ya on the flip side.

Yo yo yo. What’s happening world!? This is Anthony Stocker coming out you with my first post on this blog. I wanted to create this site to share my mind with the rest of the internet. I have a lot to share so stay tuned!

astockerQuick Facts About Me:

  • Married
  • Two kiddos
  • 1 dog
  • I love pizza
  • I hate salad (even though it’s good for you)
  • I like cars and automobiles of all sorts
  • I work as a computer repair man
  • I’m an avid blogger

Alright so now we got that out of the way. That wasn’t so bad..

Just to give you all a heads up i’m going to start posting here often and see if i can gather up a decent following here. Consider heading to my contact page and shooting me a message or just subscribing. Im a chatterbox to it would be great to have a chat with one of my followers.

Also, if you have time one of my favorite sites where i learn alot is CNN money – Check that out here

I’ll be posting more about my life SOON!

So stay tuned! Later!